Making is good for us.

Using our creativity and particularly our hands is good for us.  And even more so when we are using our own talents for design and imagination,  That’s the ethos behind Pomegranate Studio, a craft and making location in the heart of the busy city of Bristol.  Here you will discover making skills that you never knew you had and develop those you may not have used for a while.   We provide skilled and sensitive tuition from expert practitioners, great materials and equipment, excellent refreshments, good company and a garden with lots of pinch-able ideas so that you will go home refreshed and renewed.  You will take with you some finished work to enjoy forever.  And maybe a whole new creative direction.

We believe that working with our hands is more important now than it has ever been.  It connects us – to ourselves and to each other.  Pomegranate Studio is a place where you can enjoy nurturing your talents, no matter how well hidden with a little bit of help and coddling.

As well as passing on  skills and techniques, we aim to stimulate your imagination with our huge library of craft books and to encourage you to develop you ideas with hands-on experiments.  We also want to give you lots of inspiration from our shared national culture.

What can I learn?

Plus, many of our classes are inspired by those largely forgotten days in the year.  You know May Day, but do you know about Maying?  What about Candlemas, St Martin’s Day, and even Wren Day?  Come and learn and reconnect to the seasons.

When can I learn?