What Ann Rippin did on Sunday afternoon

What Ann Rippin did on Sunday afternoon
What Ann Rippin did on Sunday afternoon

This is a detail of a little piece that I made on Sunday afternoon.  I rather fancied making a version of a small quilt by the Swedish quilter, Lina Wilk, I saw on the front of The Quilter this month.  So I sat down and had a go working on a piece of bamboo wadding.  I did the majority of it with the embellisher, this is a machine I have a love hate relationship with.  I broke two needles even on a small piece like this.  But I did enjoy machine stitching into it.  I have started to make landscape type quilts with embroidery and beads which are meant to suggest ancient landscapes underneath those visible to us on the ground.  I like the idea that the little pieces are maps to ancient burial sites – all from my imagination, of course.  This took me a couple of hours to make and apart from having to replace needles was just a delight to do.  I was very happy with the buildings which were made from thick furnishing fabric but when quilted they looked like shingled buildings.  I would like to make some more of these landscape pieces and put them in simple box frames.


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