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Winter III

Winter III

Winter III

You may remember that I have signed up for a challenge to make a small quilt on a given theme every couple of months.  The first theme is winter, and you may also remember if you have read the blog recently, that I  realised by doing this task just how little inspiration I take from nature.  This is my third and final attempt and it is much more autobiographical than botanical!

I took a piece of fabric which I really like and applied a small square of rich purple hand-dye and then did vermicelli quilting all over it.  Then I rollered on some black gesso, and finally applied the gold sun which you might have seen in the first attempt I had at this.

The problem for me is that I associate winter with the loss of light which I feel quite badly.  So here we have the colour of the lovely peacock blue and purple blocked out by the black paint – a bit like The Fast Show sketch with Johnnie the artist going into one of his bleak moods, if you know that programme.  The sun is large but watery in this quilt, and the piece came to life a bit when I zigzagged in black thread round it.

It is a slightly depressing piece, but the sun always comes back – so perhaps I should have called the quilt Sol invictus instead.

Not that much to say about it, but I thought you might like to see what I decided to submit in the end.

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