Jemima Lumley – very talented maker

Super quick blog today.  The gorgeous and lovely Jemima Lumley is featured in the latest edition of Landscape Magazine.   I am slightly amazed that I can utter the phrase, ‘Jemima is my favourite jeweller’ as I am a bit surprised to find myself with a favourite jeweller, but she makes gorgeous things which suit teenagers and mothers and mothers’ mothers as well, and which are always very well-received.  She also made me a lovely pomegranate cuff which was featured in the article and can be seen in the picture with the page from Jemima’s sketchbook where she worked out the design.  I really love this cuff and am wearing it as I type this.

Here’s a picture of the cuff:

Jemima sells from her website as well as from a lovely shop/studio in Bristol called Fig.  It is absolutely my favourite place for birthday cards and presents.  And all unique and handmade.

I am so pleased that she is getting this sort of publicity and support.  She has made me several things for significant birthdays and anniversaries, always commented on and coveted.  Always loved by me.

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    • annjrippin
      annjrippin says:

      Yes, I have one of his little books – which I think is a catalogue for an exhibition I didn’t see. The pins, calligraphy and drawing all togeter just gorgeous.


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