What I am doing this weekend



I am currently on a weekend writing programme at the Ammerdown retreat centre just outside Radstock.  I mention  this because I ran into MacLean, the person who suggested that I start this blog so that she could keep up with I am doing from her home in the US.  Ironically, she has never seen the blog.  But, thanks to her for suggesting the venture which has brought me a lot of fun and new friends.

The photo at the top of the page is of some scarves that my great friend Sue’s brother sent home from Jodhpur where he now lives.  They are recycled silk saris stitched together with a form of kantha stitch.  I couldn’t resist these two, despite already having bought a beautiful shawl. I thought textile lovers would like to see them, but I am also amazed that even on retreat we can create shopping opportunities.






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