A trick of the light.




Very quick post today as it is back to work time.  There will be more as the Muse visited in style yesterday, but for now here is a picture of an observation on the way to bed after a very fulfilling day.  I was sorting the dogs out in their bedtime routine when I realised how the darkness in one room and the light on in the hall threw the quilting in this quilt into deep relief.  I probably couldn’t get a better shot of the quilting in bright conditions.  So it is dark and I didn’t retouch it, but it shows up the quilting on my new quilt really well.

More posts later in the week.  For now, the day job.

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  1. mandymunroe
    mandymunroe says:

    Side lighting is best when photographing the quilting. It is lovely you see something different at different times of the day. Great fabrics and quilting by the way!

    • annjrippin
      annjrippin says:

      Thanks. It’s always nice to get a bonus – like seeing this in relief when doing a routine thing like sorting the dog out for the night! The quilting was done at Midsomer Quilting – excellent service. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. vivjm
    vivjm says:

    You’re right – the quilting shows up beautifully!
    I was thinking of doing 60 degree diamond stars for my next EPP quilt – yours is lovely. I am going to be good and wait until I finish the hexagons before I start (could be some time ;-))


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