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I am not what you would call a fashionista, although, as a fabric lover, I do like clothes, but even I have been struck by the Fall (sorry) 2013 campaigns.  The current Chanel campaign is really fascinating because it is a bit Sixties Space Age/Barbarella, but the models are all doing handwork such as embroidering the double C logo on linen in embroidery hoops, or knitting with pale pink wool:


Alexander McQueen’s dresses are absolutely unwearable, but they are a real inspiration for doll makers.  I couldn’t find great images on the web, but the glossies all have great pictures of whole dresses:


Absolutely exquisite.  But my very favourite this year are the gorgeous, sumptuous Dolce and Gabbana dresses, crowns and bags based on the mosaics in the cathedral in Palermo.

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If I were very much younger, a completely different shape and had money to burn I would love one of these dresses.  As it is, I can’t even manage the £1000+ for the handbag, but next time I am in London I might go and have a look and see if they will let me take photographs.  Their red dresses are rather lovely too, this year.

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